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Potstirrer Podcast

Where politics, religion and history collide - and it's not always polite!


Nov 26, 2017

Today’s episode explores the Second Amendment to the US Constitution in light of the recent mass shootings and rhetoric from American politicians surrounding crime, terrorism, gun control and mental illness. Jaye presents what some listeners may consider a surprising take on the issue of gun control and the Second Amendment. Also, Jaye makes the argument that how politicians, interest groups and the media discuss these issues does the American people a disservice. Does the way we understand and respond to crime and terrorism truly make us safe? Citations: Alexander, Harriet. 2015. “Republican Candidates Accepted Donations from Man Whose Organisation Inspired Dylann Roof.” The Telegraph. June 22. (November 19, 2017) Mental Health by the Numbers.” National Alliance on Mental Illness. (November 19, 2017) Rosenberg, Eli, Berman, Mark, and Wesley Lowery. 2017. “Texas Church Gunman Escaped Mental Health Facility in 2017 After Threatening Military Superiors.” The Washington Post. November 7. (November 19, 2017) Sanger-Katz, Margot. 2015. “Gun Deaths are Mostly Suicides.” The New York Times. October 8. (November 19, 2017) Music: Raga Rage composed by Noisy Oyster provided by Opus Number 1 composed by Derrick Deel and Tim Carleton