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Potstirrer Podcast

Where politics, religion and history collide - and it's not always polite!


Nov 20, 2019

CONTENT WARNING - This episode discusses mature themes, including detailed discussion of illicit drug use. Listener discretion is advised.

In the penultimate installment of America's Drug War, President Ronald Reagan and his successors take the mantle of drug warrior in the 1980s and 1990s. Jaye discusses campaigns and programs designed to reduce drug use in children, such as Just Say No and DARE, as well as the crack epidemic of the 80s, and the shift to punitive measures that the federal government took to win the War on Drugs. Were these efforts successful - and what did "success" truly mean?

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Detroit Blue Pigs - Fight The Crime (1986):
CNN: 1986: Nancy Reagan's 'Just say no' campaign:


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