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Potstirrer Podcast

Where politics, religion and history collide - and it's not always polite!


Nov 12, 2017

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes discussion of sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised. Today’s episode continues with the subject matter of alleged sexual misconduct on the part of famous and powerful figures, and how we react to these accounts. This time, Jaye focuses on the case of Roy Moore, the former state court judge running for the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in the state of Alabama. Moore, a controversial politician strongly aligned with the Religious Right, has been accused of making sexual advances towards teenagers, including a 14 year old girl, in the late 1970s. Why are many of us inclined to take the word of the accused if we can relate to them, or if they are powerful figures we like? Is “winning” more important than standing by our word? Citations: Dale, Daniel. 2017. “It was 40 years ago” Twitter. November 9 [4:07 PM – 7:05 PM]. (November 12, 2017) Hannity, Sean. 2017. “Interview with Roy Moore.” Hannity [Radio]. November 10. (November 12, 2017) Huseman, Jessica. 2017. "Trump Voter Fraud Commission Is Sued — By One of Its Own Commissioners." ProPublica. November 9. (November 12, 2017) Jenkins, Nash. 2017. “Senate Candidate Roy Moore Says NFL Protesters are Breaking the Law.” Time. October 18. (November 12, 2017) Keneally, Meghan, Verhovek, John, and Kevin Pliszak. 2017. “Alabama Republican Candidate Roy Moore’s History of Controversial Statements.” ABC News. November 10. (November 12, 2017) Manchester, Julia. 2017. “Falwell Jr. Stands by Moore: ‘I Believe the Judge is Telling the Truth.’” The Hill. November 10. (November 12, 2017) McCrummen, Stephanie, Reinhard, Beth, and Alice Crites. 2017. “Woman Says Roy Moore Initiated Sexual Encounter When She Was 14, He Was 32.” The Washington Post. November 9. (November 12, 2017) Stetzer, Ed. 2017. “No, Christians Don’t Use Joseph and Mary to Explain Child Molesting Accusations.” Christianity Today. November 9. (November 12, 2017) Terkel, Amanda. 2017. “Mitt Romney Tells Roy Moore to Step Aside: I Believe Leigh Corfman.” Huffington Post. November 10. (November 12, 2017) Wegmann, Philip. 2017. “Alabama State Auditor Defends Roy Moore Against Sexual Allegations, Invokes Mary and Joseph.” Washington Examiner. November 9. (November 12, 2017) Music: Raga Rage composed by Noisy Oyster provided by Opus Number 1 composed by Derrick Deel and Tim Carleton