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Potstirrer Podcast

Where politics, religion and history collide - and it's not always polite!


Oct 29, 2017

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes discussion of sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised. In today's episode, Jaye frames the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal and other sexual misconduct incidents currently in the news as part of a larger discussion on how we respond to oppression and violence. Why are many of us inclined to take the word of the accused if we can relate to them, or if they are powerful figures we like? At the same time, why do we hide behind “they weren’t convicted” or “I wasn’t there” to justify not believing the survivors? Jaye discusses the dynamic of privilege from a place of self-awareness and gives her thoughts on how we can better respond to people who share their experiences. Citations: Farrow, Ronan. 2017. “From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories.” The New Yorker. October 23. (October 29, 2017) Feldblum, Chai R. and Victoria A. Lipnic. 2016. “Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace.” US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. June. (October 29, 2017) Graves, Lucia. 2017. “Donald Trump’s Sexual Harassment Accusers Hope President Goes Way of Weinstein.” The Guardian. October 23. (October 29, 2017) Kantor, Jodi, and Megan Twohey. 2017. “Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades.” The New York Times. October 5. (October 29, 2017) Levin, Sam. 2017. “Women Accusing Trump of Sexual Harassment are Lying, Says White House.” The Guardian. October 28. (October 29, 2017) Manchester, Julia. 2017. “Former GOP State Senate Candidate Accuses George H.W. Bush of Groping Her.” The Hill. October 28. (October 29, 2017) Moniuszko, Sara M. 2017. “Harvey Weinstein Scandal: A Complete List of the 60 Accusers.” USA Today. October 27. (October 29, 2017) Pierson, David, and Tracy Lien. 2017. “She’s Harassed at Work, She Tells Human Resources, and They Do Nothing. Here’s How to Fix That.” Los Angeles Times. October 28. (October 29, 2017) Rosenberg, Eli. 2017. “Mark Halperin Apologizes for ‘Crude and Aggressive’ Behavior as Harassment Accusations Mount.” The Washington Post. October 27. (October 29, 2017) Zimmerman, Amy. 2017. “Why Didn’t Anyone Listen to Corey Feldman’s Warnings About Pedophilia in Hollywood?” The Daily Beast. October 26. (October 29, 2017) Music: Raga Rage composed by Noisy Oyster provided by Opus Number 1 composed by Derrick Deel and Tim Carleton